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This page is presented with no styling control so that all user agents can access it without a problem.

The NRC website has been written fairly simply and within web standards wherever possible. It displays perfectly well with modern Mozilla browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Konqueror, Opera and Lynx. Therefore, if the site doesn’t display properly, installing a more modern browser will probably help.

In keeping with the NRC brochures, the website will try to display text using Adobe Minion and Myriad fonts. These may not be installed on your computer (although they are often packaged within Adobe PDF reader). As an alternative, the website has similar looking fonts built in (embedded fonts) which it will try to use instead - Linux Libertine (the W in Wikipedia) and Switzera ADF; otherwise it will just default to your computer’s built in fonts. This facility may not be available with older or simpler web browsers.

Similarly, text sizes on this website are fully scalable to allow for easier reading. However, the ability to enlarge and reduce text is entirely down to your own browser or operating system’s features. If you need enlarged text and your browser can’t provide it, please try the links below for other web browsers

Here are a few useful links:
Switzera font

Access keys

The website uses ‘access keys’ to simplify some regularly used links and page controls. Depending on your user agent, a combination ‘alt’, ‘meta’, ‘ctrl’ or other key at the same time as the relevant access key should force the required action.

Access keys are as follows:
S - Skip navigation
T - back to Top of page
L - Links to other sites
1 - go to homepage
0 - (zero) details of accesskeys
9 - how to contact us

Please note: Access keys are often case sensitive so S and s may not mean the same thing on your computer. This is to avoid the fact that some systems use similar key combinations for other tasks e.g. ‘ctrl - s’ to mean ‘save to disk’ etc.

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